How to Find the Flattering Swimwear for You Online

Flattering Swimwear

Swimsuit season or not, you know that you need to have flattering swimwear ready when that phone call from your friends comes.

Whether in a resort, the beach, or a hotel pool, you need that swimsuit to flaunt your body, no matter the size or shape. 

It’s a hard truth that not everyone is blessed with a high metabolism and a body that won the genetic lottery. 

Luckily, flattering swimwear was made to accommodate all kinds of women, whether tall, short, toned, jiggly, big-boned, or small-boned.

Unfortunately, with the pandemic going on, it’s harder to shop and try on swimwear in malls and boutiques. But don’t let that stop you because you can still shop online. At least this time, you won’t experience that whole fitting room anxiety as you get to use your mirror and lighting at home.

The tricky part is, how will you know the perfect flattering swimwear for your body type? 

Straight Body

If you have a rectangular body with little waist definition, you can add womanly curves by picking out one-piece swimwear with bright rounded patterns and prints. It helps mould your figure and enhance your shape.

Most likely, you’re going to have long legs. Flaunt those babies with a high leg line. If your breasts are big, get a top with cups and padding.

Slender Body

Your body type is quite the envy of many. Get yourself a two-piece or one-piece with well-shaped cups with padding and maybe some lace to add texture and curves.

Since you don’t have to be afraid of any wobbly parts, get the tightest flattering swimwear you can find and strut away. Add some bright print or frills and ruffles if you want to look a little taller.

Busty Body

If you’ve been gifted with two huge bouncy friends, stay away from string bikinis and tops that come in small, medium, or large. 

Get swimwear that has cup size and strong underwire to support your bouncy friends. Having them where they belong will extremely boost your confidence. For extra support, choose a swimsuit with wider shoulder straps and double-stitched bands.

Broad Shoulders

If you look like you can hang with Serena Williams or in the WNBA, you need to take advantage of your athletic build by choosing wider and widely spaced straps. It balances out your figure nicely. Also, never look at halter necks as they accentuate your already noticeable shoulders.

Get solid coloured flattering swimwear with printed panels on the side to give you an hourglass illusion. 

Muffin Top

Perhaps the body type that does not get much love is the love handles/muffin top. Don’t worry if you have these lovely handles, as pretty much everyone has them.

Your secret will come from high waisted bottoms. Make sure that the one you choose extends above your belly button.

You can also opt for a one-piece that cut much higher at the back, controlling any back fat that wants to escape. Also, choose a design with a vertical central panel to create a slimming illusion.

Full Figure

If you have a well-rounded personality and figure, you’re going to need a one-piece that boasts full tummy control. It should also come with some side ruching to fully control your figure. 

Choose flattering swimwear with wide Bardot straps to exhibit a wide neckline, creating a trimming effect.

You can also get bottoms with a little more coverage if you don’t feel like flaunting your upper leg.

What Matters is How You Feel

Take note that these tips still depend on how you feel about your body. Feel free to ignore them if you think they don’t define who you are. Experiment with what you feel is right for you. After all, the purpose of flattering swimwear is to make you feel great.


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