How Technology Has Changed The Way We Watch Sports

Watch Sports

Have you ever thought what life would be like without sports? A very dull one for sure, and one where physical activity would be frowned upon. Sports make life better, be it that you practice them, work with them, watch and follow them or even bet online on them. Thanks to all the technological advances that us humans have been witnesses to, the sports world and the way we watch and experience sports has changed dramatically through time. While before, in order to catch any of the action going on you basically had to be there to see it, nowadays thanks to technology, fans can have all their favorite sports action 24/7.

Modern technology in sports has not only helped enhance the way athletes and teams practice and perform their disciplines but also the way fans are able to experience everything their favorite stars do. Here we analyze the way in which technology has helped change the way fans watch sports for the better.

Thanks To Streaming Services Fans Can Have Sports 24/7

You know what’s great about being a sports fan? That feeling of loyalty you find when you finally run into the sports team or teams that will be your “ride or die” squads for the rest of your life. Be it in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL or wherever else, once you find your team, you and them, it’s a relationship for life. You know what’s not so great? When because of scheduling issues, broadcasting coverages and other problems you can’t be able to catch your favorite teams in action if they’re playing somewhere you can’t be at.

But, thanks to technological advances in the way us fans are able to watch sports, online streaming services have come to save the day! Thanks to streaming services, usually offered by the leagues themselves or by official tv broadcasting companies, fans are able to catch all the action from their favorite teams from the comfort of their homes and even their mobile devices like phones, tablets and computers. And not just that, specialty shows with highlights, analysis and other services, as well as repetitions of games are all services fans can all get thanks to streaming services. While before, if you wanted to catch the action of your favorite team or teams you had to basically be there or be square, nowadays, everyone can get what they want.

Social Media Platforms Are Sports New BFF

Everything you want to be seen nowadays has to go through social media platforms. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat or any other, by scopes of viewership, reach and popularity, if you want to be someone nowadays, social media is the way to go. Well, different sports leagues and teams from around not just the US but the world have made it a point to reach out to said social media platforms in order to make their presence felt stronger and stronger as time goes by.

Nowadays, official leagues and teams as well as athletes post daily videos with anything from their day to day lives and training action, to in game action, highlight reels and other kinds of material to keep fans, especially fans of younger ages who are the mass demographic for social media platforms, engaged with their practices and offerings, bringing their popularity levels up. Yeah, you might have missed that killer home run the other day, or that nasty sack or even that video of your favorite sports star dancing that everyone is talking about, well, thanks to social media, all that content is up for grabs at any moment and for free.

Sports Themed Documentaries Are The New Boom

You watched “The Last Dance” documentary on Netflix, I did too and so did basically everyone who knows who Michael Jordan, aka basketball’s GOAT is. While sports themed shows and documentaries have already been a staple for sports fans around the world from before Jordan’s documentary, when Netflix came out with “The Last Dance” the whole landscape of how people watch sports but from another perspective, a deeper and more personal one, changed for good.

Thanks to documentaries like this, or ESPN’s “30 for 30” series, fans are able to look at the more personal and private side of their favorite teams, athletes and moments in sports history. If we take Jordan’s Netflix documentary as an example, just look up the numbers of how many people have seen it at least once and you’ll understand why this kind of viewing content has become so important i


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