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The news that the aircraft mysteries drama returns in a third season on NBC and Sky will delight manifest fans. Before airing, here’s all the fans need to know about the next season, including release date, cast, trailer, and plot.

Manifest Season 3  cast

Release Date of Manifest Season 3

On June 15, after two series had been concluded earlier this year, NBC renewed the Manifest for a third season. The network has not yet confirmed a specific release date for the new season.

In September 2018, the first season was released on the platform until two seasons dropped in January 2020.

The audience could expect the show in April or May 2021 following the same release schedule.

Who’s going to be on Manifest Season 3 cast list?

The show’s main characters will return to the new season again.


  1. Melissa Roxburgh as a Michaela Stone
  2. Ariana Jalia as the younger Michaela
  3. Josh Dallas as a Ben Stone
  4. Athena Karkanis as a Grace Stone
  5. JR Ramirez as a Jared Vasquez
  6. Moon Blaise as a Olive Stone
  7. Jack Messina as a Cal Stone
  8. Parvin Kaur as a Saanvey Ball

Manifest Season 3  show

What’s the season 3 plot?

There is no sufficient details about the season 3 storyline. But there are certain faces which are going to come back in the third season, as pointed out by Josh Dallas. In the next season, several more items will be seen, including the ties between Michaela and Ben. The storyline can be portrayed in the third season, as the second season finishes with a very exciting note.

Trailer Update

For Manifest Season 3, there is no trailer yet, as it was just confirmed. Filming on the next season of the series has not started yet.

In the months before its release date, the viewers should expect to see some footage from the series.


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