The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale: Get To Know When Will It Arrive And Other Updates


The finale of the Walking Dead season 10 has been delayed due to the current ban, but after the sounds, the wait for the episode will be worth it, promising a “surprise” end to the season. The finale of the show will begin from where we last survived, and producer Greg Nicotero gave a surprise ending and told Fendellam: “The last two minutes alone … People will be left speechless.”

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Finally, after stories end and others begin, series creator and seem equally excited at the end of the actor audience. Read everything you need to know about The Walking Dead season 10 finale.

Why is the end of the walking dead delayed?

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Says an AMC statement: “Unfortunately, producing 10 finales of the current events have made The Walking Dead Season ends season with its 15th episode on impossible to April 5th.” Executive producer Greg Nicotero clarified with a statement of his own: “Post-production for the curious includes visual effects, music, sound mixing and sound effects.

When the Walking Dead season 10 finale airs?

The closing ceremony was scheduled to air in the United States on April 12, but would not be the case. It will be released as a special episode later in 2020 with no time set for the episode to be completed, although Nicotero claims that the post-production process would normally be a three-week airing date and means The first completes that fans can expect a delay of up to a month. The network can also choose an optimal date for a single episode.

What will happen in the finale of The Walking Dead Season 10?

Producer Greg Nikotero was series point first Fender about the finale that season promised to join an impressive two-minute closing ceremony for 11. You will get very little information here, here and here. You want to end this chapter and start the next chapter in the finale.” We dealt with a lot of things with Beta. We dealt with a lot of things with Carol.”


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