Megan Fox Spotted Kissing Machine Gun Kelly! Dating Rumor Is True!


Singer and rapper Machine Gun Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker, is rumoured to be dating Transformer actor Megan Fox. Rumours that Megan Fox had an affair with Machine Gun Kelly have been circulating since she broke up with her husband. The machine gun Kelly took to her Instagram account and shared a photo from a beautiful sunset picnic and wrote that she was ‘in love’.

megan fox and machine

In the video, Machine Gun Kelly is seen wearing blue ripped jeans as she drives the camera out into the sun. In the video, he can be seen sitting with a girl wearing black jeans. The photos that have gone viral reveal that Machine Gun Kelly wore the same outfit when she was with rumoured girlfriend Megan Fox.

In the video, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are seen sitting on a picnic blanket surrounded by various coloured roses. Megan Fox appears dining with a pair of chopsticks while the singer makes a quick video. Posting the video on his Instagram story, Machine Gun Kelly wrote: ‘In Love’.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly were seen leaving a bar in Los Angeles, holding hands. As the couple approached their car, Kelly’s machine gun placed a kiss on Megan’s lips. In the photos, Kelly’s machine gun is seen wearing a pink print T-shirt and light blue ripped jeans. Megan Fox is seen in a completely black outfit. Megan Fox wore similar ripped jeans with a blacktop. She untied her hair in soft curls as she walked with her man close at hand.

megan fox and machine banner

Machine Gun Kelly titled her new song Bloody Valentine a month ago. The song’s official music video also stars actor Megan Fox alongside the singer. The video talks in detail about the sizzling chemistry of the machine gun Kelly and Megan Fox. Megan Fox was seen with the Kelly machine gun, while her husband reported that they had separated on the Internet. The two were seen in a car on Megan’s birthday.


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