Michael Jackson Would Have Played Professor X In ‘X-Men’


The original X-Men movie, the one that actually started for comic book-based movies (although Blade may have something to say in 1998), came out 20 years ago and Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Famke Vansen, Ian starred in McKellan, James Marsden. and Halle Berry, if they looked completely different, a flock of celebrities who wanted to appear in the film had made their way.

X-Men cast

During a recent interview with The Observer, remembering the film on its 20th anniversary, executive producer Ralph Winter and screenwriter David Hayter revealed that everyone from Michael Jackson to Mariah Carey wanted to be involved in the film. I was. Also, you might be surprised to hear that there were some mind-blowing contenders who came to read for various roles in the first X-Men movie. In talking about the creative process for the first movie, Hatter revealed some surprising names, who were brought up to audition for the roles, and a couple of stars whom they wanted for the roles, but was unintended at the time.

X-Men banner

Meanwhile, his sister Janet Jackson was auditioned for Storm. And she wasn’t the only singer trying to play the part, as Mariah Carey was seen as a climate-controlling mutant to boost her acting career. Also, the founders of rock bands like Glenn Danzig, Misfits, Samhain and Danzig, auditioned for Wolverine.

In the end, I think the entire cast for the X-Men worked in the best way, leaving Tyler Mane as Sabret and Ray Park as Todd, some of whom only brought a physical presence to the table… At the very least, I’m glad that all of the above names ended up with the roles you auditioned for. You may have screwed up the X-Men franchise from the start, and who knows what movie it will be after starting the comic book movie craze.


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