Initially, clothes were introduced as a shield to protect the human body from adverse climatic conditions. However, with the evolution of time, the purpose of clothing has changed dramatically, especially for women.

Today, women’s clothing and attire are closely associated with comfort, and in countries like Australia, style and comfort co-exist in fashion. Therefore, one of the most popular clothing items is women’s jeans in Australia. Australian women are lovers of freedom because they grew up in an urban and progressive society. They prefer this quality clothing as well. According to a study, 65% of women look for comfort while purchasing jeans.

What are jeans?

Jeans are typically made from dungaree cloth or denim. They are a type of trousers or pants. However, they are trendy, stylish and comfortable. Jeans are affordable and are also available in every size. They can be worn over and over again with no worries. Jeans go with everything, and it is perfect for every event. Moreover, women of any age can wear them. They are available in every colour as well.

Jeans that are trending now:

  • Cigarette- They are designed to fit loose but close to the body. These types of jeans are not tight in the thigh area and are loose towards the calf.
  • Cropped– These jeans were cut short and reach just above the ankle.
  • Wide-leg; or with cropped variant: These are usually high-rise. These types of jeans descend widely down to the ankle.

Evergreen and elegant jeans styles:

Skinny Jeans- These jeans are skin-hugging, and they showcase the shape of the legs. They are stretchy and very flattering.

Boyfriend Jeans- These jeans are baggy, loose and very comfortable. They are tight around one’s hips but are loose around the legs.

Straight Jeans- They are straight-cut, narrow and very flattering. They are different from regular skinny jeans, as they do not cover the ankles and fall just above them.

Bootcut Jeans- These jeans were popular during the 60s and 70s and made a comeback in 2017. They suit all body types and makes the wearer look taller.

Flare Jeans-They are a vintage essential. They have a wide opening at the bottom, from knees to ankle and look perfect with turtleneck sweaters.

Jeggings-These are the most comfortable piece of clothing. They are basically leggings in denim. They lend a stylish fashionista look, as they are comfortable to wear, stretchy and add a twist to regular jeans. 

 Low Rise Jeans- They start just a few inches below your belly button and look great on those with a well-defined waist. 

 High-Waist Jeans- They look perfect with bralettes and crop tops, and they perfectly fit the natural waistline and cover belly fat.

Capri Jeans- They are the most modern and stylish denim wear that can beat the summers’ heat. They allow you to be carefree with perfect styling.

Ripped Jeans– They are intentionally torn using blades and sandpaper for the cool quotient. They are very comfortable and super stylish.

Patch Work Jeans- The new way of making your jeans high-fashion is by adding patchwork.

Side-Slit Button-Up Tape Jeans- They look so fashionable yet casual at the same time. They are a favourite among youngsters these days because of the comfort they offer

 Crochet Jeans– They are stitched with beautiful lace, and they look feminine and delicate. They are different yet new style statements.


Jeans are very comfortable, reliable, and available in a plethora of different styles. Therefore today, jeans have become a perfect cosy style statement for many women across the globe. The best women’s jeans in Australia are available for purchase online in stores like Rolla’s Jeans. So, place the order now!


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