5 cocktails you can make with whisky


Are you hosting a party and looking for some tasty cocktails to serve? Or are you just thirsty and want a drink that tastes good and is easy to make? Whisky can be used in all types of delicious drinks. Try one of these five recipes at your next party:

Old Fashioned


  • 2 oz whisky (rye, bourbon or blended)
  • One sugar cube or 2 tsp. syrup
  • One strip of orange peel (you can muddle it if you like)
  • One maraschino cherry and an orange wedge for garnish (optional)

The drink is called “old fashioned” because the original recipe included bitters, which were used to mask the harsh flavour of whisky in the days when quality control was not as stringent as today. It’s just whisky that has been sweetened with sugar and citrus. You can make it with rye, bourbon, or blended if you prefer not to spend too much money on a single cocktail.

Whisky sour

  • 2 oz whisky
  • 1 oz lemon juice
  • 1 oz simple syrup
  • One egg white
  • Dash of bitters

Mint julep

  • A mint julep is traditionally a sweet, iced mint- and a sugar-based cocktail made with bourbon.
  • It’s generally served in silver cups to keep it cold and garnished with sprigs of fresh mint.
  • Mint juleps are traditionally drunk during the spring and summer (hence why they’re often associated with the Kentucky Derby).


Penicillin is a classic cocktail that’s been around for decades, but it’s still one of the most popular drinks to serve at parties. When paired with whisky and honey, this recipe is perfect for winter because it has a warming effect.

The cocktail can be made with any drink you prefer—bourbon, rye or scotch—and served in a Collins glass or on the rocks in a rocks glass. If you want to switch things up and give your guests something different at brunch time, try making iced tea out of green tea leaves and lemonade. 

Irish coffee

Irish coffee is a classic cocktail that you can make at home. To make it, add whisky to hot coffee, then stir in a bit of sugar and cream. Top with whipped cream and cinnamon.

Don’t forget to offer non-alcoholic drinks at your party, too.

If you have guests who don’t drink alcohol, or if you want to make sure that everyone has something delicious and refreshing, keep a few non-alcoholic options on hand. A few of these include:

  • Fruit juice: If your beverage station has a blender or juicer, try making fruit smoothies. Smoothies are healthy and tasty—and they can look pretty, too, if served in fancy glasses with frozen berries floating around them.
  • Soda pop: Do not underestimate soda pop as an alternative to other beverages. Many flavours are available today, including root beer, orange cream soda and cherry cola; there’s even Diet Coke now if you’re looking for healthier options. Soda pop goes well with most foods. It’s easy enough to make- grab some cans off the shelf at the grocery store when planning out your following event menu.

With these cocktails, you’ll be able to make anyone feel at home. The best part? You can whip up all of these drinks in under 10 minutes. So grab a glass and start mixing!


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